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Holidays or a business trip to Thailand?

We have a lot of what it takes and save your time for booking & searching - at no extra cost. Explore our offers and discover the advantages of our platform: Everything compact and in one place.
What do we offer:
Planning holidays online can be very exciting and you can dive already into the holiday adventure.
But it can also be exhausting and stressful, e.g. if there is not enough time to plan, you dont know well the place or too much information and providers available and you can't choose.
We have decided to simplify this slightly by providing everything you need for a vacation in Thailand such as e.g. Air ticket, Accommodation, Holiday appartments, Taxi, Public Bus, Train, Ferry, Tours, Sim cards & Internet etc. and summarised herewith.
This includes also family vacations with children.

This with links and search masks from suitable providers, specialialized for Asia.
Or if necessary with the help of a Englisch/ Thai speaking travel agency based in Thailand.
Business Trip to Thailand?

Also for business travelers there are various additional services  that can be organized from this page, such as e.g. fast track arrival (if travelling in economy), renting offices or meeting rooms, sailing yachts for customer trips, private jets to Thailand,  etc. or just a VPN client to establish a secure communication with the business laptop.
The good news: You mostly book this directly with known providers or with regional partners that we can recommend in Thailand and you will receive the most economic price from the provider without additional fees.

Try us out and discover our advantages and recommendations.
Thailand, the land of smiles and orchids awaits you e.g. with the following tours:
Please use our platform as your starting point for holiday or busines trips to Thailand:

Update: 2021
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