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That for a reasonable fee you do not need to Q at the immigration in Bangkok airport and you can use the premium lane (for business and first-class travellers)?
Visa entry and immigration:

Visa entry:
Your nearest Thai embassy or consulate will give you detailed information on the visa type and requirement.
Find your nearest Thai embassy or consulate with the following QR:

Normally, citizens from various countries receive a 30 days visa 'on arrival' (which is also valid for business meetings, Incentives, Convention & Exhibitions).
For longer durations, your country and other type of visa requirements, eligibility for application for online e-Visa can be found on the website from the ministry of foreign affairs.

Once you enter the immigration check point at your destination in Thailand, the following entry form needs to be handed-over (for all visitors for any visa type). The entry form will normally be distributed by your airline and includes  the departure card which needs to be handed-over when departing.
Thai entry/departure form, front side:

Don't forget to include the address in Thailand (hotel, guetshouse, office, friend...) as this is mandatory.

Thai entry/departure form, back side:

If you are flying business class or higher you can enjoy the 'premium line' at the Bangkok airports (no Q at the immigration desks) with your boarding card.

If you are flying in a differnt class (economy and premium economy) and what to use also the premium line this is possible and can be arranged with a premium line ticket. Find more information here.

Example: Fast Track Ticket

To find our more information about the actual situation in Thailand and security refer to your ministry of foreign advice.
Find here information of your ministry of foreign advice.

Some useful information in English can be found e.g. by the UK Government or in French, German, Italian by the Swiss Government
Visa extensions (within Thailand):
For visa extensions (within Thailand) and conversion of visas (to immigrant, employment, family, student visa etc) we recommend the Thai Immigration Bureau.

On this platform the 90 day registration (only for visitors who are in Thailand for more than 90 days at a time) can also be made online (note this is only possible after you made already one extension before, meaning that the first extension needs to done in person).

Please use our platform as your starting point for holiday or busines trips to Thailand:

Update: 2021
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